Find Security expertise in Bahamas, The

The Bahamas private security sector includes numerous private security companies, security managers, security products (e.g. alarms, video surveillance), trainers, locksmiths and private investigators. Hurricane shutters are some of the relatively unique products that are supplied by security companies. The Bahamas Security Industry Association (BSIA) was established in 2008 as a single purpose vehicle for the promotion of the private security industry in the country.

Security organisations in Bahamas, The
A R C O Security Services
Abaco Security & Investigations
Access Security Solutions Ltd
Alphega Security Ltd
Alvarr Services
Amalgamated Security Services (Trinidad & Tobago) Ltd
Anthony Harvey
Armoured Car Services Limited
Armoured Express Limited
Atcun Security Company
Bahamas International Securities
Bahamas Maritime Connexion Limited
Ben Bo Security & Enquiry Agency Limited
Bulls' Security
Candid Security Limited
Commando Security Services Limited
Divine Technology
Dog World Kennels
Eddie Security & Alarm Limited
Elite Security Service
Executive Security Services Limited
Federal Management Systems Limited
Focus Security
Good Hope Security
ICS Security Concepts
Innovative Security Technologies Ltd
Iron Force Private Investigation Security Systems
K & L Security Company
Maximum Security & Patrol Services Limited
Newbold's Security Service
No Tolerant Security & Investigations
Preventative Measures
Roboco Diversified Group of Companies
Royal Bahamas Defence Force
SafeGuard Security
Secure Group of Security Services
Security Automated Services
Security Services Bahamas Limited
Security Unlimited Bahamas Limited
Simmons Security & Investigations Limited
Smith & Associates
Sun Communications & Investigations Limited
Sure Alarm Systems
Third Eye Private Investigations
Thompson's Guard Dogs
Trace Security Limited
Uncor Global Security
Wemco Security & Credit Collections Ltd