Government Agencies in Barbados

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development in Barbados is the government agency responsible for the planning and implementation of educational policies, as well as for the development of the country’s human capital and skills. Ministry of Education departments include: Curriculum and Assessment, which is responsible for the management of the national curriculum; Examinations, which is responsible for the administration of local, regional and international examinations; and the Tertiary Unit, which is charged with coordinating activities pertaining to scholarships, awards and grants in the higher education sector.

Government Agencies organisations in Barbados
Caribbean Examinations Council (Barbados)
Department of Curriculum and Assessment
Education Project Implementation Unit (EPIU)
Examinations Department
Media Resource Department
Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development
Nursery and Primary Department
Planning, Research & International Relations Department
Programme Coordinating Unit
School Meals Department
Secondary Education Department
Student Revolving Loan Fund Department
Student Support Services Department
Teachers Evaluation Committee
Tertiary Unit