Essentials in Barbados

A passport valid for six months is required by all foreign nationals who wish to visit Barbados. Visas for stays of up to six months are not required for citizens of Australia, Canada, the UK and the European Union (with the exclusion of the Slovak Republic), and the USA. Inoculations against hepatitis A and tetanus are required. Yellow fever certificates, for travellers over one year of age, are required when travelling from infected areas. Water is safe and considered by independent observers to be among the purest in the world. Both public and private health care facilities meet international standards, but medical insurance is recommended for foreign travellers. British nationals, however, are covered by a reciprocal agreement between the countries, and are provided with free hospital and polyclinic treatment and ambulance travel.

Essentials organisations in Barbados
Barbados Immigration Department
Barbados Tourism Authority
Barbados Tourism Authority
Custom and Excise Department