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After 1990, water supply was rapidly expanded throughout Botswana. The Water Utilities Corporation is responsible for supplying urban areas; the Department of Water Affairs, to 17 large villages; and the district councils, to other rural areas. The principal sources of water for the urban areas are the Bokaa, Gaborone, Letsibogo, Nywane and Shashe dams. Ground water is the major source for the rural areas. Technological advancements have been made in Botswana due to mining companies. Debwana supplies both water and electricity to the inhabitants of surrounding mining areas. It has funded a community project in Jwaneng to develop and manage boreholes, pumps and water storage. Surplus water is resold to Debswana at a 150% rate of profit to the public sector.

Water and Sanitation organisations in Botswana
PWM Anticor Ltd
Water Surveys Botswana Ltd
Water Utilities Corporation
Watercare Tswana