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Brunei Darussalam had approximately 157,000 tourist arrivals in 2009.  The industry contributed BND1,152.1m to the economy in 2011 and supported 14,500 jobs, including those indirectly supported by the sector, which made up 7.6% of the total workforce (World Travel and Tourism Council – WTCC 2011).  This placed it 123rd in the world (out of 181 countries) in terms of the industry’s relative contribution to the economy, with a 6.6% share of GDP, compared to the world average of 14% (WTTC 2011).  Most visitors to the country come from the short- and medium-haul markets, although there is also a significant proportion from further away, mainly the UK and Germany.  In 2011 visitor exports generated BND497.2m, constituting 3.5% of the country’s total exports.  The national tourism board is called Brunei Tourism, which aims to increase international tourist arrivals by a minimum average rate of 7% annually, as well as to increase average length of stay and expenditure.  The Board is a division within the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, and is responsible for development and promotion, as well as licensing of tour companies.  It is keen to work closely with both local and overseas partners and the media to position the country as a distinctive and relatively undiscovered travel destination in Asia.

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