Find Property and Real Estate expertise in Cameroon

The real estate market in Cameroon is very complex given the multitude of stakeholders. Like many developing countries the market is also not well developed and efficient. Real estate agents at times may also find it hard to satisfy high value customers because of shortage of prime real estate. Property development has been the alternative route for some agents and buyers. Notably, at the public sector level, the Société Immobilière du Cameroun, a parastatal, builds and sales houses, and the Société d’Aménagement de Douala, majority-owned by Douala City Council, develops real estate in the city. Several real estate agents in Douala and Yaoundé can assist with surveys, letting and property management, sales, home security, property development. The National Association of Chartered Realtors Cameroon (ANAIC) is a lead sector body for estate.

Property and Real Estate organisations in Cameroon
National Association of Chartered Realtors Cameroon (ANAIC)
SAD (Societe d'Amenagement de Douala)
Société Immobilière du Cameroun