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Dominica is a member of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU), which, defying macroeconomic pressures, has experienced continuing confidence in the financial system. Between the well-developed banking sector and cooperative credit unions a high proportion of the population have access to formal financial services. There are three international banks which operate branches in Dominica, namely – Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia, and First Caribbean International.  One indigenous bank – National Bank of Dominica Ltd., and one development bank – the Agricultural, Industrial, and Development Bank (AID) are also in operation. Additionally, the banks of Dominica provide offshore banking facilities, which are a significant part of the national economy, and provide tax-free offshore bank accounts. There are no exchange controls in the jurisdiction. Other financial institutions include 15 credit unions, 17 insurance companies, one building and loan association and three international financial services sector banks (2012).

Banking and Financial Services organisations in Dominica
AID Bank
Dominica Agricultural, Industrial and Development bank
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
First Caribbean Bank
Griffon Bank
Harris & Harris
KPB Chartered Accountants
Royal Bank of Canada
The National Bank of Dominica