Find Security expertise in Ghana

Ghana has seen a proliferation of private security companies in the country. It has experienced a growing demand for security services, due to increased investor activity in the natural resources industry, resulting in a burgeoning commercial, private security sector. This largely meets the needs of international businesses and organisations. However, much of the population cannot afford the services of this sector and instead utilise other non-state and community based systems. Therefore the diverse security sector in the country has varied operations in both the state system and the informal sector.

The Association of Private Security Organization of Ghana (APSOG) has around 40 registered private security companies. According to APSOG there are more than 350 private security companies in operation, including those without licenses or premises. Prominent companies include Magnum Force Security Company Ltd. Ghana which works with government departments, financial institutions, attorneys, accounting firms, hotels, industries and private individuals. 

Security organisations in Ghana
Adotech Surveillance Ltd
ADT Fire & Security (GH) Ltd
AFS Security Ghana Ltd
Alarm System Gahana
All City Strike Force Security
ASA Advanced Tech
Association of Private Security Organisations of Ghana (APSOG)
Automatic Alarms & Controls
Banahene Amoyaw Consulting Ltd
Business Excel Ltd
Central Access & Automation Technologies Ltd
Cephas Security & Surveillance
Coxy Security Services
De-Nort Systems
Design Tech
EE Security
Fabatech Systems Co.
G4S Security Services (Ghana) Ltd
Heaven Security Services
Indi Security Alarm
Kenthouse Security Limited
Keypunch Technologic
Krugerbrent Security Ltd
Leadway Security Co. Ltd
Mabot Security Services Ltd
Magnum Force Security
Magnum Force Security Co. Ltd
Matlyn Security Systems
Maximillian Co. Ltd
Morrison & Associates
Net-F CCTV & Access Control
Precious Minerals Marketing Co.
Prompt Alarms
Puzzles Company Limited
Racomtel Communications
Sino Top Tech (Gh) Ltd
Source Security Systems Ltd
Step Technologies
Supreme Techno Security Ltd
Systems Technology
Taekwon Security Services
Technology Dyrect Consult
Virtual Security Africa Ltd
Vizico Security Ltd
Wesco Security Co. Ltd
Xpert Security Ltd