Independent Schools in Ghana

Gross enrolment overall: 63.3% (2009)

Primary female–male ratio: 0.99:1 (2009)

Secondary female–male ratio: 0.89:1 (2009)

Primary pupil–teacher ratio: 33:1 (2009)

Secondary pupil–teacher ratio: 18:1 (2009)

There are eight years of compulsory education starting at age six. Primary school comprises six years and secondary six, with two cycles each of three years. Some 73% of pupils complete primary school (2008). The school year starts in September. For those proceeding to tertiary education, the nine years of basic education are followed by three years of senior secondary school. Public examinations are managed by the West African Examinations Council, which was established in 1952 by four Commonwealth governments, The Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, with its headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

Independent Schools organisations in Ghana
Abraham Lincoln International School
Accra Academy
Adisadel College
Galaxy International School
Ghana International School
Glowlamp School
Gospel Internaltional School
Lincoln Community School
Rockies International School
Silcon Valley International School
Solomon Bennett Memorial School
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Private School
Winners Complex School