Travel in Ghana

Time: Local time is GMT.
Electricity: Electrical current is 200/220 volts, 50 Hz.
Language: English is the official language. The principal indigenous language group is Akan, of which Twi and Fanti are the most commonly used forms. Ga is spoken in the Accra region and Ewe in Volta. The Mole-Dagbani language group occurs in northern Ghana.
Health: Visitors must be in possession of a current medical vaccination certificate for yellow fever. Medical insurance is advised and should cover medical evacuation.
Customs: Ghanaians are a conservative people and visitors should respect local customs, traditional courtesies and dress codes. Always seek permission before taking photographs of people.
Safety: Most visits to Ghana are trouble-free, but it is wise to be vigilant in public areas particularly in and around Accra and to avoid travelling in taxis alone after dark if possible. Theft of luggage and travel documents has occurred at Kotoka International Airport. Visitors to the Northern Region should be alert to the possibility of renewed outbreaks of inter-ethnic fighting.
Business: Business hours are generally 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday with an hour taken over lunch.
Communications: The international dialling code for Ghana is +233. The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 0027 for South Africa). Accra’s city code is 21. The telephone system is relatively reliable, but most people use mobile phones. Telephone, fax and telex services are available in all main towns, and hotels. Most major hotels also have business centres, which provide secretarial and courier services. Internet cafes are on the increase throughout the country. There are several GSM cell phone operations across Ghana that have roaming agreements with most international networks, and phones can be rented in Accra.
Duty Free: Travellers to Ghana over 16 years do not have to pay customs duty on 400 cigarettes, or 100 cigars, or 454g of tobacco, or a proportionate mix of these items; 1 litre of wine and 1 litre of spirits; and 237ml of perfume and eau de toilette. Gift items are dutiable.