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The tourism industry in Grenada plays a major role in supporting and developing the economy.  The travel and tourism sector contributed XCD391.8m to the economy in 2011.  It provides 9,500 jobs in the country, including jobs indirectly supported by the industry, a significant 20.4% of the total workforce (World Travel and Tourism Council – WTTC 2011).  The country is placed 27th in the world (out of 181 countries) with respect to the industry’s relative contribution to the economy, with a share of 22.2% of GDP, compared to a world average of 14% (WTTC 2011).  In 2010 106,000 tourist arrivals came to Grenada, with the United Kingdom as the main source market.  It is followed by the United States and arrivals from other Caribbean territories.  Cruise passengers also provide a significant proportion of visitors, particularly during the winter months.  Visitor exports generated XCD226.4m in 2011, which constituted 46% of total exports in the country.  The Grenada Board of Tourism is responsible for promoting the country as a tourist destination, developing standards and regulating the quality of the local tourism service providers.  The Ministry of Tourism is responsible for ensuring that tourism is an essential backbone of the economy.  The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association represents the industry in the country.

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