Find National NGO expertise in Grenada

There are many different sectors in Grenada that benefit from national non-governmental organisations and civil society organisations. Grenada has many NGOs that contribute to the environmental sector; these are the Agency for Rural Transformation Ltd, Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute, and Grenada National Trust. National NGOs working in the health sector include the National Council of the Disabled, Society of Friends of the Blind and Planned Parenthood Association. There is also the National Emergency Relief Organisation, which helps to manage emergency situations. Other influential national NGOs in Grenada include the Citizens Action for Free and Fair Elections, Employers’ Federation, Inter Agency of Development Organisations, Microfin Grenada Limited, and the National Development Foundation. The National Development Foundation of Grenada and the National Disaster Office Grenada are two of the civil society organisations in Grenada.

National NGOs & Civil Society organisations in Grenada
Agency for Rural Transformation Ltd
Caribbean Agricultural Reaserch and Development Institute
Citizens Action for Free and Fair Elections
Employers\' Federation
Grenada National Trust
Microfin Grenada Limited
National Council of the Disabled
Planned Parenthood Association
Society of Friends of the Blind