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Electricity generation in Guyana is almost entirely dependent on the import of fossil fuels. The state owned company Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) has a monopoly of the transmission and distribution subsectors and is the largest electricity generator in the country. Other companies licensed to generate and supply electricity include Linden Power Company Inc, Omai Services Inc, Kwakwani Utilities Inc. In 2008 Guyana generated over 820GWh of electricity, of which approximately 70% was produced by GPL. Aware of the disadvantages of relying on imported fuels for the generation of electricity, the Guyanese government has sought to diversify sources of electricity generation. The first major hydropower facility has been commissioned to be built at Amaila Falls. The Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Power project is estimated to eventually supply 70% of Guyana’s electricity needs. The main regulatory body in the sector is the Public Utilities Commission. The Guyana Energy Agency also plays a role in ensuring the sector is developing in compliance within the wider context of the country’s energy policy.

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