Find Water and Sanitation expertise in Guyana

The water supply in Guyana comes from both ground and surface water sources. The state owned Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) is the nation’s primary supplier of water and sanitation. In collaboration with the Guyanese government and several development organisations— including the Inter-American Development Bank, the UK Department for International Development and the Japan International Co-operation Agency—GWI has embarked on numerous projects to improve the water supply and sanitation infrastructure in Guyana.

The Guyanese government has also received a US$11.3 million grant from the World Bank to contribute to the country’s Water Sector Consolidation Project which aims to achieve sustainable universal access to safe and affordable water for Guyana’s population. Only 6% of the population have no access to an improved drinking water source and 84% have adequate sanitation facilities. Several small bottling companies supply bottled mineral water to the domestic market.

Water and Sanitation organisations in Guyana
Guyana Water Authority
Guyana Water Inc