Find National NGO expertise in Guyana

There are many national non-governmental and civil society organisations operating in Guyana. From the grassroots community level to the national arena, these organisations campaign and act around a wide range of fields and issues. Notable among such organisations are the Amerindian Peoples Association which aims to promote the social, economic, political and cultural development of Amerindian communities in solidarity with each other; Hope for All, an organisation committed to supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS through education and counselling; and the Rural Women’s Network, a grassroots organisation striving to support sustainable development and the rights of women in rural areas.

National NGOs & Civil Society organisations in Guyana
Guyana Consumers Association
Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association
Private Sector Commission
Scout Association of Guyana
True Vision Foundation
Young Women\'s Christian Association
Youth Challenge Guyana
Youth in Development