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In Guyana, all workers, with the exception of those in the police force, have trade union rights. As of 2010 approximately 20% of the country’s labour force was unionised, most of which is employed in public service or by state owned companies. In order for a union to be registered, the support of a minimum of 40% of the workforce in a sector is required. All workers have the right to strike but those in essential service must give reasonable notice to the Ministry of Labour.

The Guyana Trade Union Congress is the country’s national trade union centre and is affiliated with the International Trade Union Confederation. Other prominent trade union movements include the Guyana Public Service Union, formed in 1923, which aims to protect and promote the interest of public sector employees; and the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union, founded in 1946 to provide a network for and give support to employees in areas such as the sugar and mining industries.

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