Find Computing and Office Supplies expertise in India

PC penetration in India is fairly low – with 31.7 computers for every 1000 persons within the country (2007). This figure is also mirrored in the internet usage statistics for the country, with 44 Indians out of 1000 using the internet (2008). Multinational IT companies dominate the market, with IBM, Microsoft, and HP having a major presence within the country, though native companies also have a presence – such as the large Tata Consultancy Services. The multinationals are attracted to the low-cost and high-skilled labour force, and this globalisation is starting to have a positive effect on home grown firms, which will become larger players in the future. Computer and office supplies companies exist throughout all of India’s major cities.

Computing and Office Supplies organisations in India
Acer India (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Star Infotech Ltd
Fujitsu Consulting India Ltd
IL&FS Education & Technology Services Ltd
IL&FS Education & Technology Services Ltd
Koenig Solutions Private Ltd
Maestros Mediline Systems Ltd
NIIT Technologies Ltd (India) Ltd
Synapse Communications Pvt Ltd
Tata Interactive Systems
Wipro Ltd