Standards and Regulation in Jamaica

The two main regulators in Jamaica are the Bank of Jamaica, a supervisor of the financial sector, and the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), which regulates telecommunications, transportation, water and sewerage, and electricity. The Jamaica Stock Exchange is regulated by the Regulatory and Market Oversight Division (RMOD).

In the absence of a formal Press Council the Press Association of Jamaica has two bodies which perform similar services to that of a Press Council: the Advisory Council and the Jamaica Press Institute (JPI).

The healthcare sector is regulated by four major bodies which are the Medical Council of Jamaica (representing physicians), The Nursing Council of Jamaica (representing nurses and midwives), the Council Supplementary to Medicine (for all other allied health professionals) and the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica (for pharmacists and related professionals and students).

Jamaica is a member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The coordinating bureau for standards in the country is the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ), which was created by law under the Standards Act of 1969 to promote higher standards in commodities, processes and practices.

Standards and Regulation organisations in Jamaica
Bank of Jamaica
Bureau of Standards Jamaica
Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR)