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According to the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) report released in October 2013, Kenya has experienced a significant decline in national security since the turn of the century. National security was Kenya’s lowest ranking in the report, with the country coming 42nd out of 52 countries. National security was given a rating of 65.9 out of 100, giving the country a 6-year score decline of -16.7. Just prior to the release of the 2013 report Kenya was hit by international terrorists, and is now rated near the bottom of the security report, alongside nations undeveloped countries facing unmanageable security situations. The security situation in Kenya is unlikely to improve while insecurity in Somali is still an issue.

According data provided by the Global Facilitation Network for Security Sector Reform in 2005, it is not known exactly how many private security companies there are in Kenya; estimates vary from 400 to 2000. The majority of PSCs are small to medium-sized, employing less than 100 people. In 2005 the sector employed approximately 48,000 people.

The majority of Kenya’s PCSs provide security guard services with some use of technology, while larger companies tend to offer integrated security solutions and smaller companies are restricted to staffed guarding. Clients include industries, banks, government agencies, embassies and international organisations. Prominent security companies in Kenya include Collindale Security, Bob Morgan Services Limited, Ultimate Security Ltd and G4S Security Services Kenya Limited.

Kenya Security Industry Association (KSIA) is one of the industry associations involved in the sector. KSIA was formed with the aim of establishing and maintaining quality standards within the sector, as well as serving as a platform for liaison with government institutions. The standards of the KSIA are set based on national laws.

Security organisations in Kenya
Armatech (K) Ltd
Aua Industria
BABS Security Services Ltd
BABS Security Services Ltd
Capcom Ltd
Cavalier Security Services
Collindale Security Ltd
Com Twenty One Ltd
Commonwealth Secretariat
Control Instruments Kenya
Cornerstone Security Services
Corporate Technical Services Ltd
Double Impulse Security Ltd
ETL Buffa Fence
Eveready Security Guards Ltd
First Force Security Services Ltd
Flywheel Telecomms
G4S Security Services Ltd
Gratoom Security Guards Services Ltd
Hatari Security Guards Ltd
Instarect Ltd
Inter Security Services Ltd
Kali Security Co. Ltd
Keldan Security Services Ltd
Kenya Secularms Ltd
Kenya Security Industry Association (KSIA)
KK Security Group - Nairobi Branch
Liberty Security Services Ltd
Marksman Security Services
Metric Security Guards Ltd
Metro Consultants & Guardians Limited
Modern Security Holdings Ltd
Patriotic Guards Ltd
PG Security Ltd
Radar Security Ltd
Riley Services Ltd
Securicor Kenya Ltd
Security Group Kenya
Security Guards Services
Security World Technology Ltd
Sentry & Patrols Co. Ltd
Texas Alarms Kenya Ltd
Total Security Surveillance
Traffilog Kenya Ltd
Ultimate Security Ltd
Wells Fargo Ltd