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Freight and shipping to Kiribati is serviced by sea, and air to an extent. International shipping is primarily serviced by Bali Hai Lines, Chief Container Services and Kiribati Shipping Services Ltd, which provide direct services to Australia and Asia. Some global firms provide various freighting services to the islands, such as Russells Freight International.

The nature of the island group means that road transportation is rarely used. However, there are several shipping companies that carry freight and/or passengers between Tarawa and the three neighbouring outer islands. The largest example of this intra-freighting between the various islands is the state-run Kiribati Shipping Services Ltd.

The main ports can be found on Betio islet, near Tarawa, and on Tabuaeran and Christmas islands. The ports at Banaba, Betio and English Harbour are operated by the Kiribati Ports Authority, the statutory body responsible for maintaining and coordinating the nation’s port faculties. Provision for handling containers is available at Betio, while Banaba has a cantilever for phosphate loading.

There are 19 airports in the country, of which four have paved runways (2012). International airline connections are serviced by Our Airline and Air Pacific, which offers specific air freight services.

Major couriers and shipping firms, such as DHL and UPS, operate either through local shippers and agents in the country, or from Kiribati’s larger neighbours such as Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.

Freight forwarders and custom brokers in operation in the country include Ameritrans Freight International, Universal Express International, Inc., Link Shipping, Transportation and Trade Ltd, Paragon Shipping Services and Caretta Freight Forwarding.

The Ministry of Communications, Transport and Tourism Development is responsible for developing and regulating the sector.

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