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Te Uekera, a weekly newspaper published by the Broadcasting and Publications Authority, is mainly in I-Kiribati, but with main news items also in English. Kiribati Newstar is an independent weekly. The Roman Catholic and Protestant churches publish newsletters. There is no national television service. There are also two radio stations and one television channel, all owned by the state. Internet access is limited outside the capital due to costs – the highest in the Pacific – and lack of infrastructure.

A couple of websites report on news from across the Pacific: Islands Business and Pacific Islands News Association.

Media and Broadcasting organisations in Kiribati
Broadcasting & Publications Authority
Khotso FM
Kiribati Business Link
Kiribati Business Link
Kiribati National Library and Archives
Kiribati Newstar
Kiribati Newstar
Lesotho TV
Ministry of Information, Communication and Transport
MoAfriKa FM
Newair FM101
Newair FM101
Public Eye
Radio Lesotho
Telecom Services Kiribati Limited (TSKL)