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Lesotho has a small and concentrated banking system dominated by South African banks.  Commercial banks in the nation consist of the South African-owned First National Bank, Nedbank Lesotho Limited and Standard Lesotho Bank, alongside the domestic Lesotho Post Bank.  Lesotho PostBank was set up in 2004 as a publicly-owned savings institution with branches throughout the country.  Access to banking services for households and SMEs within the financial system remains limited.  This has been a criticism targeted at the banks, in particular the South African banks, by both the IMF and the African Development Bank, who critiqued their preference for short term government securities as a dominant form of lending.  The non-banking financial sector is fairly undeveloped, due to a small domestic market.  

Banking and Financial Services organisations in Lesotho
Agricultural Development Bank
Central Bank of Lesotho
First National Bank
Lesotho Postal Bank
Lesotho Postbank (LPB)
Nedbank Lesotho
Standard Lesotho Bank Ltd