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The contribution of Manufacturing to GDP declined from 20.1% in 2004 to 11.4% in 2010 due in part to the global economic crisis and the rapid growth of other sectors in the country (World Bank 2010). Major manufacturing industries include textiles, clothing, footwear, food and beverages. Manufacturing is based largely in and around the capital, Maseru.

The Government of Lesotho previously encouraged foreign direct investment in manufacture of textiles, clothing and footwear to take advantage of preferential trade arrangements with the USA, however following the economic crisis, textile producers have struggled to compete with low-cost producers in Asia.

Major companies in Lesotho include textile firms such as the Formosa Textile Company, which specialises in the production of Denim fabric and cotton yarn, and has the capacity to produce 3 million yards of denim fabric and 900 tons of cotton yarn per month and employs roughly 900 workers.

In the 2012-2013 World Economic Forum Global Competitive report Lesotho rated 124th out of 144 countries for production process sophistication, scoring 2.8 out of 7, compared to the neighbouring country of South Africa which came 43rd and scored 4.2 out of 7.

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