Find Civil Society expertise in Lesotho

There are numerous non-governmental organisations which engage in the health, education and environmental sectors of Lesotho. This has been one of the primary concerns of the Lesotho Council of Non-Governmental Organisations which is the main NGO operating in Lesotho. Positive Action, Skillshare International and international health programmes all work closely with the Lesotho Government to build capacity for effective health and education service delivery. The trade union network in Lesotho spans across a multitude of sectors.

The engagement of all NGOs in the development process has been one of the largest concerns of the Lesotho Council of Non-Governmental Organisations. The country’s leading NGO network and umbrella body. Its Civil Society Support Programme specifically aims to improve NGO involvement in the formulation and implementation of Lesotho National Vision 2020, the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The Lesotho Trade Union Congress is the main correspondence for all unions. There are many national trade unions which function in a variety of unions including education, transport and construction.