Government Agencies in Lesotho

Public spending on education was 13.0% of GDP in 2008.

The National Strategic Development Plan 2012/13–2016/17 aims to implement the National Vision 2020, which was launched in 2003. Among the overarching objectives of the Plan is radical transformation of technical, vocational and higher education to produce world-class skills and expanding access to ICT. A key issue for the Plan is the rapid emergence of a global knowledge economy, where growth and competitiveness depend on high-level skills and the realisation that natural resources are dwindling and the climate is changing, and future economic activity must be sustainable.

Lesotho qualified for the World Bank’s ‘Fast Track Initiative’ – known since September 2011 as the Global Partnership for Education – which is aimed at meeting the education Millennium Development Goals and the Education for All goal that all children complete a full cycle of primary education by 2015. Since 2002, under the initiative developing countries have committed to design and implement sound education plans and development partners commit to align and harmonise additional support around these plans.

Guidelines for the care and welfare of the rapidly increasing population of orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho were drawn up by government and NGOs in 2006. These aim to protect the rights and ensure the safety of such children at the hands of their carers, and to encourage the care of HIV/AIDS orphans within the community. (see ‘Health’ above)

Government Agencies organisations in Lesotho
Examinations Council of Lesotho
Lesotho Agricultural College
Ministry of Education and Training
National Council for Tertiary Education