Universities and Colleges in Lesotho

Higher education institutions include National University of Lesotho; Lesotho Institute of Public Administration and Management; Lesotho College of Education; Lerotholi Polytechnic; and Lesotho Agricultural College. About 4% of the relevant age group is enrolled in tertiary education (2006). The female–male ratio for gross enrolment in tertiary education is 0.60:1 (2006). Literacy among people aged 15–24 is 92% (2009).

The Council for Higher Education was established in 2008 by the ministry of education to regulate the various tertiary education institutions, and is responsible for increasing access to higher education and developing means of funding it.

Universities and Colleges organisations in Lesotho
African Can Products
Basotho Pony Trekking Centre
Department of Culture
Department of Information & Broadcasting
Lerotholi Polytechnic, Lesotho
Lesotho Agricultural College
Lesotho Agricultural College
Lesotho Amateur Athletics Federation
Lesotho Amateur Boxing Federation
Lesotho Badminton Federation
Lesotho College of Education
Lesotho College of Education
Lesotho Cooperative Handicrafts
Lesotho Equestrian Federation
Lesotho Football Federation
Lesotho Gymnastics Federation
Lesotho Lawn Tennis Association
Lesotho National Archives
Lesotho National Library
Lesotho National Museum
Lesotho Swimming Federation
Lesotho Weightlifting Federation
Lesotho-Durham Link
Morija Horse Trekking
Morija Museum and Archives
National Olympic Committee of Lesotho
National University of Lesotho
National University of Lesotho, Institute of Southern African Studies
National University of Lesotho, Thomas Mofolo Library
Protection & Preservation Commission