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International publishers Pearson Malawi are major players in the country, also publishing under the imprints, Longman, Heinemann and Pearson. Pearson publishes materials which correspond to the National Curriculum in a range of subjects and languages. Cambridge University Press is also represented here by Maneno Enterprises Ltd in Lilongwe and was established in 1997. The company is owned by Gaulphine Hyirenda and stocks CUP titles which are on an approved list for Malawian schools.

According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2012–13, Malawi is placed 72 out of 144 countries with a score of 3.6 for its intellectual property protection. In comparison to its neighbours, Mozambique is placed lower, situated 128 out of 144 countries with an intellectual property protection score of 2.6; whereas Zimbabwe is ranked 94 with a score of 3.1.

Printing and Publishing organisations in Malawi
A.G.P. Press
Alpha Printers
Anypol Ltd
Art House Africa
Blantyre Newspapers Ltd
Blantyre Printing & Packaging Co. Ltd
Bookpublishers Association of Malawi
Capital Printing Press
City Printing & Publishing
Corporate Printing & Packaging
Courier Publication Ltd
Dzuka Publishing Co.
F & L Communication & Printing Services
Fairlane Magazine
Fatchi Photographic Studio
Fattani Offset Printers
Future Printers
Governance Press
Guardian Publications, The
Ideal Printers Ltd
Image Printing Works
Jhango Heinemann
Kalema Printers
Karora Printing Co.
Kings Print
Likuni Press & Publishing House
Malawi Writers Union
Manchild Publications
Owens Industries
Parliament Press
Paws Printing & Allied Works
Pride Publications
Printec Industries
Printing & Graphic Graphic Suppliers
Publicitas Ltd
Real Printers
Tribune Newspaper
Venus Printing Press