Independent Schools in Malawi

Gross enrolment overall: 67.7% (2010)

Primary female–male ratio: 1.04:1 (2010)

Secondary female–male ratio: 0.91:1 (2010)

Primary pupil–teacher ratio: 79:1 (2010)

There are eight years of compulsory education starting at age six. Primary school comprises eight years and secondary four, with two cycles each of two years. Some 42% of pupils complete primary school (2008). The school year starts in January.

Independent Schools organisations in Malawi
ABC Christian Academy
Bambino Private School
Beehive School
Bishop Mackenzie International School
Cherub Private Schools Trust
Harvest Temple Private School
Hillview Primary School
Kamuzu Academy
Kaphuka Privat Secondary School
Lois Foundation Secondary School
MaryMount Private Secondary Schools
Mountview Primary School
Namatapa Primary School
Njamba Secondary School
Ntonya International School
Nyambadwe Private School
Phoenix International Primary School
Plato's Private School
Radson Private School
Rose Garden Private School
Saint Andrews International High School
Saint Rita Private School
Saint Theresa Private Schools
Soba Private School
Target Private School
Wog Zingwangwa High School
Zin School of Computing & Business Management