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Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia and the tourism industry remains strong.  Tourism generated MYR125.4bn in 2011 (World Travel and Tourism Council Estimate, 2011), maintaining its position as the second largest contributor to the economy.  The WTTC also estimated that that the industry provided 1,559,000 jobs (12.9% of the total workforce).  In respect to the travel and tourism industry’s relative contribution to the Malaysian economy, the country was placed 48th in the world in 2011, with the sector constituting a 14.8% share, above the world average of 14%.  The country received 24,577, 000 visitors in 2010, which, barring the UK, was the highest number of tourist arrivals in the Commonwealth (World Tourism Organisation).  The largest number of tourists came from neighbouring Asian nations Singapore and Indonesia, as well as a high proportion from China and Thailand.  Additionally, domestic tourism is a significant part of the tourism industry and continues to grow.  Visitor exports generated MYR57.9bn in 2011, providing 7.2% of the total exports.

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