Find Security expertise in Mauritius

There are a number of private security firms in Mauritius providing a broad range of services and products for businesses and private residences. These companies include, global private security group G4S, S.O.S. Guard Ltd, which specialises in property protection services, and RH Top Guard, which offers security guard and private detective services. About 30 security service companies have been approved by the Tourism Safety Panel. The Private Security Service Act of 2004 is the primary legislation that sets out processes for the licensing and control of private security services and the registration of security guards. A dedicated tourist police service is operational in tourist zones to enhance safety and security in these regions.

Security organisations in Mauritius
Alanis (Fire & Security) Products Ltd
Alarmtech Co. Ltd
Brinks Mauritius High Security Guards Ltd
Capital Security
Caudan Security Services Ltd
Deen’s Security Services (KENHO LTD)
Defence Hitech Security Guards Ltd
Dragon Security Guards Ltd
Electronic Security Co. Ltd
Expanda Ltd
First Response Ltd
Firstco (Mauritius) Ltd
G4S Security Services Ltd
Guardian Security Co. Ltd
Guardioplus Security Services Ltd
HDM Interactive Ltd
Integrated System Technologies Ltd
Iris Groupe de Securite
Mauriguard Ltd
Mavic Security Guards Ltd
Mobile Security Guard Ltd
New Security Guards Ltd
Ollier Security Centre Ltd
Powersure Ltd
Proguard Ltd
Quick Security Guards Ltd
Rapid Security Services Ltd
Rodrigues High Security Agency Ltd
RSL Security Services Ltd
Secupro Ltd
SOS Guard Ltd
SpeedLink Ltd
Teleeye Ltd
Unik Safe Security Ltd
ViTech Electronics Ltd