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Construction accounts for 3% of Mozambique’s GDP (2007). The Mozambican construction sector primarily consists of smaller companies that undertake private construction work. Because of the relatively small number of experts and sometimes limited level of expertise, local companies are usually excluded from major internationally funded construction projects, which are usually contracted to foreign firms and consultants. Some consulting and engineering firms operate in the field of management, architecture, turnkey projects, audits and supervision. Engineering exports from India to Mozambique have been steadily increasing – an indication that the sector is steadily growing. The Institution of Engineers (ORDEMO) is the professional body for the sector.

Construction and Engineering organisations in Mozambique
3 SSS Constructions Ltd
ABD Constructions Ltd
Amiantit Pipe Systems Ltd
Austral Cowi
Barbosa Constructions Ltd
Bay Mussa Constructions
Bib Constructions
CETA - Construction and Services
Construction Abubacar Varinda
Construction Co. of Beira
Daniser Ltd
Design Construction Ltd
Duarte Builders Ltd
Edition Constructions Ltd
Egnal Steel Engineering Ltd
Five Star Construction Ltd
Grinaker Construction Ltd
Habita Constructions Ltd
Jomofi Constructions Ltd
JS constructions Ltd
Ministry of Public Works & Housing
Mozec Engineering & Construction Ltd
Nantong Construction
Natucon Construction Mozambique Ltd
Olam Mozambique Ltd
Opway Engineering
Padil Constructions
Pierlite Mozambique Ltd
Roc Constructions
S & B Buildings Mozambique Ltd
Sethy Constructions Ltd
Soecol Constructions Ltd
Top Engineering Suppliers
Vicon Engineering Ltd