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Although about 51% of the country’s surface is covered by forest and 19.5% by other types of woodland, the total land area that can be used for forestry in Mozambique is only around 25%. The average annual change in surface area is declining by 0.58% (2007). The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for the regulation and coordination of forestation practices and collaborates with the Ministry of Tourism and the National Directorate for Conservation Areas. One of the main forms of dependency on forest products is biomass from wood, which provides about 85% of total energy consumption through the production of charcoal and collection of firewood (2005). This is true for rural, semi-urban and urban energy needs. Around 13 forest reserves, administered by the National Directorate of Forest and Wildlife (DNFFB) under the Ministry of Agriculture, have been established in an attempt to preserve the country’s biodiversity.

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