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Mining and manufacturing account for about 13% of Mozambique’s GDP (2005). The country has abundant and diverse natural resources for mining exploitation. The resources include aluminium, asbestos, columbite, phosphate rock, tantalite, beryl, feldspar, kaolin, coal, copper, bauxite and titanium. Gold, bauxite, graphite, uranium, coal, aluminium and titanium are the greater revenue-generating resources. The northern Mozambican district of Moma’s titanium mine has the capacity to produce 6% of the world’s titanium demands (2005). Research and exploration of underutilised resources are continually being undertaken. Two companies, Manicaland Corp and Preciosa, hold prospecting licences to the diamond reserves in the Manica, Sofala and Gaza provinces, while BHP Billiton undertakes continued research in the Niassa, Nampula and Cabo Delgade provinces to evaluate the viability of the reserves.

Mining and Minerals organisations in Mozambique
Africa Drilling Co. Ltd
Commonwealth Secretariat
Drilling Resources Mozambique Ltd
Highlan African Mining Co. Ltd
Kenmare Moma Mining Ltd
Kenmare Resources plc
Mines of Moatize
Mining Co. Niame
Mozambique Holdings Ltd
Mozambique Minerals Ltd
National Company of Coal From Mozambique
National Directorate of Mines
Natural Resouces JSW
Omegacorp Minerals Ltd
Rio Tinto Mining & Exploration
Riversdale Mozambique Ltd
Twigg Exploration & Mining Ltd