Find Security expertise in Mozambique

There are over 50 private security companies operational in Mozambique (2008). The largest employer is Group 4 Securicor (G4S). All security companies are registered in Maputo, the capital, but some are active only in the rural provinces. Less than half the sector employees are unionised under SINTESPGM and SINTRAVESP. Regulation of the industry is made difficult by various illegal operators, and employer-employee conflicts in some instances have marred the industry.

Security organisations in Mozambique
Bassopa Ltd
Búfalo Security Tranquiliidade Ltd
Classic Security Systems Ltd
Coin Security Ltd
Delta Force
Departament Provincial De Protection
Dragons Security Ltd
Executive Protection Operations & Safety Ltd
Falcon Security Ltd
G4S Security Services Ltd
General Security Ltd
Impar Security Ltd
Max Security Maputo Ltd
Moseg Safety Mozambique
Nandzu Ltd
Netalarmecom Safety and Services Ltd
Omega Security Ltd
Proalarme Ltd
Proteg Ltd
Rangers Security Co. Ltd
Serenus Safety & Security
Siner Security Co. Ltd
Sonasa Ltd
Soproteccao Security Ltd
SOS Systems of Operations and Safety
Sosep Ltd
SSP Security Services & Protection
Strong Security Ltd
Synergy Security Ltd
W Power Security Ltd