Tourism in Mozambique

Mozambique’s extensive coastline offers many beautiful beaches and a tropical climate. Its biodiversity and diverse wildlife that includes lions, leopards, elephants, hippopotami, buffaloes, antelopes, giraffe, impalas, crocodiles and diverse species of monkey draw many nature lovers to the country. The Niassa Reserve is the largest conservation area in Mozambique. The striking coral reefs make water sports and marine wildlife a popular attraction, especially for those visiting the many small islands off the mainland. Beach and bush camping is another popular activity, but for the adventurous hiker, the lush green mountains can be just as appealing. The country has many majestic rivers as well as the quiet seduction of natural hot springs. Visitors can also visit Lake Niassa, the third largest lake in Africa. The unique blend of African, Arabic and Portuguese cultural influences makes visiting Mozambique unlike any other African experience.

Tourism organisations in Mozambique
Alpha Tours
Associaco Mocambicana de Hotelaria e Turismo (AMOHTUR)
Atoz Tourism Ltd
Cabo Delgado Biodiversity & Turismo Ltd
Dana Tours
DINATUR / Direccao Nacional de Turismo
Expressed Tourism & Transport of Mozambique
Fretom Tourism Ltd
FUTUR Fundo Nacional do Turismo
Gorongosa National Park
Magus Commerce, Industry & Tourism Ltd
Manica Tourism
Ministério da Educação e Cultura de Moçambique
Ministry of Tourism
Miramar FM
Mozambique Adviser
National Board of Tourism
National Institute of Tourism
Radio Maria Mozambique
Radio Mozambique
Radio Televisao Klint (RTK)
STV Mozambique (SOICO Group)
Tropical Air Tours