Find Civil Society expertise in New Zealand

New Zealand has thousands of philanthropic non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civil society organisations working in the areas of social services, health, education and the environment. A number of international aid and relief organisations are based in the country. Most of their local operations  are in fundraising and campaigning for overseas causes. These include the Red Cross, Oxfam and World Vision.

International NGOs which operate in New Zealand encourage people to get involved with fundraising, volunteering and campaigning. Fundraising is carried out by many of the NGOs in the country.

For fundraising and tax purposes, NGOs are advised to apply to the Charities Commission. The Charities Commission is responsible for registering and monitoring NGOs in the country. Established by mandate of the 2005 Charities Act, the Commission provides support and education to the charitable sector on good governance and management.

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions is the national trade union centre in New Zealand which holds approximately 40 unions. There are legal requirements in which unions must follow under the 1908 Trade Unions Act.