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Pakistan imported more goods and services than it exported in 2010-11, and so thus is experiencing a trade deficit.

Pakistan’s imports have risen every year throughout 2005-10, from almost US$20 billion in 2005 to over US$30 billion in 2010. Correspondingly, its merchandise exports over this period have risen from $11 billion in 2005, to $18 billion in 2010. This rise in exports has not been sufficient to close the gap in Pakistan’s trade deficit however, and in 2010 this deficit was close to $20 billion.

Goods imported to Pakistan are predominantly: minerals and fuel, machinery, manufactured goods and chemicals. Pakistan mostly exports: clothing and yarn, sports goods and food products (particularly rice, fish, fruit and vegetables). The points of origin for Pakistan’s imports are mainly the European Union, China, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The main destinations for exports are the European Union, United States, United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan.

The average ad valorem tariff for imports is around 13% (2007)