The Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-ordinates and oversees Pakistan’s international relations. The guiding principles of its foreign policy are based on the international norms of non-intervention, respect for sovereignty and the territorial integrity of all states.

Pakistan’s foreign policy is also expected to reflect the principles and aspirations of its citizens. It aims to consolidate Pakistan’s commercial interests, develop friendly relations with all countries, safeguard its geo-strategic interests, and the project Pakistan as a dynamic and moderate Islamic country.

Pakistan enjoys good bilateral relationships with many countries, and is host to many embassies and high commissions from around the world.

Embassies organisations in Pakistan
Australian High Commission
British High Commission
Canadian High Commission
Embassy of Belgium
Embassy of Denmark
Embassy of Finland
Embassy of France
Embassy of Germany
Embassy of Italy
Embassy of Norway, NORAD - Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
Embassy of Spain
Embassy of Sweden
Embassy of Switzerland
Embassy of the Netherlands