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Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fisheries together contribute only 33% of Papua New Guinea’s GDP (2008). Forest covers over 60% of the total land area, but arable land comprises a mere 0.5% and permanent cropland only 1.4% (2005). Much of the country consists of rugged, mountainous terrain that makes forestation exploitation very difficult. Vegetation in the country is extremely varied, with diverse lowlands, rainforests, palm forests and mangrove swamps. The Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA) is responsible for monitoring and controlling the wood- and forest-based industries and resources of the country. The export of forest products represented almost 5% of the value of all the country’s exports in 2005.

Forestry organisations in Papua New Guinea
Abcott Joinery Ltd
Active Forest Ltd
Ambogo Sawmill Ltd
Border International Timbers Co. Ltd
Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry Ltd
Cloudy Bay Timber Products Ltd
Crown Timber
Delta Timber Ltd
East Papua Timber Resources Ltd
Forest Research Institute
GR Logging Ltd
Integrated Forest Management Ltd
Labour Timbers Ltd
Madang Timbers Ltd
Morobe Pacific Timbers
Niugini Forest Planning & Management Ltd
Pacific Wood Contractor (PNG) Ltd
Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA)
PI Logging Ltd
PNG Eco-Forestry Forum
PNG Forest Industries Association
PNG Forest Products
Resources International (PNG) Ltd
Rimbunan Hijau (RH) Group
Santi Forestry (PNG) Ltd
Sumas Timber & Development International
Turama Forest Industries
Vanimo Forest Products Ltd