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There are six commercial banks in Saint Lucia (2011). Three are locally incorporated: 1st National Bank Saint Lucia, Bank of Saint Lucia and RBTT Bank Caribbean. The other three are registered as branches of multinational financial institutions: Bank of Nova Scotia, CIBC First Caribbean International Bank and Royal Bank of Canada. In addition to this there are 55 non-banking financial institutions, the most of any Eastern Caribbean Currency Union country, which includes insurance companies, development banks, credit unions and offshore banks (2012).

Banking and Financial Services organisations in Saint Lucia
Bank of Saint Lucia Ltd
Barclays Bank Plc
Caribbean Banking Corporation Ltd
CIBC Caribbean Ltd
First Caribbean International Bank Ltd
First Citizens Bank
Invest St Lucia
Ministry of Finance
National Commercial Bank of Saint Lucia
Royal Bank of Canada
St Lucia Co-Operative Bank
St Lucia Development Bank
The Bank of Nova Scotia