Find Computing and Office Supplies expertise in Saint Lucia

Personal computer (PC) ownership in Saint Lucia is average by world standards but low compared to Europe, US, and Australia – with 38.6% of households owning a computer in 2010 (ITU-D, 2010).  Internet penetration rates are also comparable with world level but low by more developed standards, with 26.5% of households having access to the internet (ITU-D, 2010), and 88.8% of all people having some access to the internet (Internet World Stats, 2010).

In 2012, an estimated 80.7% of Saint Lucia’s GDP was derived from services such as banking and tourism (CIA World Factbook, 2010) which have a heavy reliance on the computing and office supplies market. This suggests that the computing sector plays a large role in the economy of Saint Lucia.

A local player in the software industry in Saint Lucia is Caribbean Financial Systems Consultancy Ltd, located in Castries. The company supplies business software, and offers support and training for Saint Lucia and the Caribbean. Another key figure in the local computer industry is the company Computer Networking and Security Services (CNSS). CNSS caters to the country’s growing computer market by offering computer courses and training programmes. The company also offers hardware and software sales, website development and computer support.

Global hardware and software companies operate in Saint Lucia, and serve the growing computing market. In particular global conglomerate IBM work in Saint Lucia via partner company J. E. Bergasse & Co Ltd. Saint Lucia is appealing to some of the major IT and computer companies, such as IBM, due to its close proximity to the wider Caribbean and Latin American markets. Major office supplies companies with their origins in Saint Lucia include Fountain Enterprise Ltd.

In Saint Lucia, both global and national computing and office supply companies are mainly located in Castries.

Computing and Office Supplies organisations in Saint Lucia
Bergasse J E & Co. Ltd
Boss - Business Office & School Supplies Ltd
Bryden's Office Equipment & Supplies
CARE Life Centre
Caribbean Computer Literacy Institute
Carlisle's Business Centre Ltd
CES Group Of Companies
Computer & Electrical Services Ltd
Computer Centre Ltd
Computer Power Ltd
Comtec Ltd
Fountain Enterprise Ltd
General Business & Technical Services Ltd
Grectec Training Institute
Mainlan Computer Services Ltd
Micro Centre
New Millenium Computer Institute
Nicholas Institute of Computer Technology
NV Commercial Services Ltd
Office Centre, The
Office Shop, The
United Computer Solutions & Services
Wave Communication