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Combined with agriculture and fisheries, forestry contributes 4% of Saint Lucia’s GDP (2008). Forest covers 28% of Saint Lucia’s land area (2005) and is mainly concentrated in a forested mountain range which runs from North to South through the central interior of the country. Much of Saint Lucia’s forests are tropical in nature, with the rainforest’s exotic and varied plant and animal life being a popular tourist attraction. Saint Lucia’s first forest plantations were established in 1938 and have since served many purposes including industry, furniture production and provision of reforestation to degraded lands. The Department of Forestry, part of Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry and Fisheries, works to protect, conserve and increase the countries forested resources such that they may be utilised in a sustainable manner.

Forestry organisations in Saint Lucia
Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries and Forestry