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Freight and shipping of goods and cargo takes pace to, from and within Saint Lucia via air, land and sea. As an island, Saint Lucia has multiple seaports, the two largest being Vieux Fort, which is the only full container port and thus handles the majority of cargo shipments and Port Castries. The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) was established under the Ministry of Communications and Works by an act of parliament in 1983 and has responsibility for running Saint Lucia’s principal seaports and airports, helping to coordinate shipping agents, importers, freight forwarders and shipping lines.

The European Commission estimates that in 2010 Saint Lucia exported goods to the value of €0.1 billion, mainly consisting of bananas, clothing, cocoa, avocados, mangoes and coconut oil which went to Colombia, EU countries and the USA. Imports of food, manufactured goods, machinery and transportation equipment, chemicals and fuels were worth €3.0 billion in 2010 and came from Brazil, US and Trinidad and Tobago. The Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs is responsible for Export promotion amongst many other things.

Port Castries has a wide range of facilities available including stevedoring from 7am-4pm, tugs, over 30,000m2 of shed storage and over 400 TEU ground slots(twenty-foot equivalent unit, the standard type of metal containers which are used for freight and shipping). The port has six berths for cargo ships which are between 60.96 m and 219.09 m in length and between 5.48 m and 8.23 m in depth. Further berths for passenger ships are also available. Other facilities at the port include a mobile crane, reefer points, terminal tractors, forklift trucks, trailer beds and outer anchorages as well as water facilities.

Port Vieux Fort operates 24 hours a day and is serviced by a specialised Ports Police Force for security. Saint Lucia Marine Terminals Ltd (SMTL) is a subsidiary of SLASPA and is responsible for the running of Port Vieux Fort as well as its stevedoring facilities. The port has a range of facilities such as high mast, high intensity lights, 633 TEU ground slots, 40 reefer points, one mobile crane with automatic spreader, two to three high stacking straddle carriers and one terminal tractor. In addition there are two storage sheds, six forklift trucks, stradlecarriers, trailer beds and one tugmaster. Berthing comprises of a finger pier with spaces either side (152.5m x 15.24m in length and depth) as well as a Lolo (load on/load off) container berth which is 210m long and has a depth of 11m.

In terms of transport infrastructure Saint Lucia has two airports both of which have paved runways. There are 1,210 km of roads on the island and there is no rail network. The Ministry of Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities has implemented improvements in Saint Lucia’s road network. Given the importance of freight and shipping in St Lucia there are numerous firms operating within the country.

International logistics firms such as DHL, UPS and FEDEX all operate within Saint Lucia and the Saint Lucian branch of PwC provides businesses with consultancy services for transportation and logistics. The Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transports’ remit includes the maintenance of the road network and the postal services.

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