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Saint Lucia has the highest number of medical doctors per capita in the Commonwealth, with 52 for every Saint Lucia has a 94.8% adult literacy rate (2006) and English is the official language. A 2004 survey by the International Labour Organisation found that the dominant profession on the island is skilled agriculture and fishery, with 14% of the population employed in this sector. In Saint Lucia, 9% of the labour force are classified as professionals and the smallest employment sector is that of technicians and associate professionals, employing 4% of surveyed individuals. Saint Lucia has numerous employment agencies such as the Job Club. There are also many training centres which provide skills to enhance employment prospects, an example being Advantage Training Solutions Ltd which offers computer training and education. Work permits for non-Saint Lucians can be obtained from the Department of Labour Relations.

Human Resources organisations in Saint Lucia
Business World Agencies
Cads Agency
Emar Staffing
Mampa Agency
Ministry of Labour, Information and Broadcasting
Pro Find Recruit Ltd
Right Staff Recruitment Agency
The Job Club