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There are 204 main telephone lines, 1,230 mobile phone subscriptions and 420 internet users per 1,000 people (2011). Internet usage figures have been increasingly rapidly since the 2000s, with 88.8% of the population estimated to be using the internet in 2010. Saint Lucia has two main telecommunications providers, Digicel and LIME (formerly Cable and Wireless) which both offer mobile telephony and internet services. LIME also provides landline services. The Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority promotes market liberalization and competition in the region, and its work is complemented by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Saint Lucia.

In 2014, Saint Lucia, Grenada and St Vincent joined together to bolster telecom infrastructure. They are investing US$25 million under the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Program, partly funded by the World Bank. This project is aimed at building submarine cable infrastructure and landing stations, domestic backbone networks and national internet exchange points (IXPs -An IXP is a physical infrastructure through which internet service providers (ISPs) exchange traffic between their networks). Analysts say IXPs ease the data traffic on telecom networks.

Telecoms and Internet Service Providers organisations in Saint Lucia
Cable & Wireless (St Lucia)
Dicicel St Lucia
Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority
National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
National Telecoms Regulatory Commission