Travel in Seychelles

Time:Local time is GMT +4.
Electricity:Electrical current is 220-240 volts AC, 50 Hz.
Language:Creole, English and French.
Health:No vaccinations are required for entry, but immunisation against hepatitis A and typhoid are highly recommended. Medical insurance with full evacuation cover is necessary.
Tipping:Charges for most services include service charge of between 5 and 10%.
Customs:Homosexuality is illegal. Topless bathing is accepted on many, but not all, beaches.
Business:Business hours are generally 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.
Communications:The international dialling code for Seychelles is +248. City codes are not necessary. Direct lines to most countries are available at most hotels. There is excellent GSM coverage for mobile telephones, and most hotels offer a postal service, email and Internet connection. There are Internet cafes in Victoria.
Duty Free:Travellers to the Seychelles over 18 years do not have to pay duty on 400 cigarettes or 500g tobacco; 2 litres alcohol; 200ml perfume or eau de toilette; sporting equipment to the value of SR500; jewellery and precious metals to the value of SR500; and all other goods for personal consumption to the value of SR3,000. Prohibited items include drugs, narcotics, firearms and spear-fishing equipment. It is forbidden to export unprocessed coco de mer, shells, fish and live tortoises. A permit is required for processed coco de mer.