Research and Consultancy in Sierra Leone

Consultancy services in Sierra Leone span a broad range of sectors. Some of the major operational include PricewaterhouseCoopers, that offer international tax advice to clients and hold key expertise about the tax jurisdictions of Sierra Leone, Deloitte’s have undertaken research into the Energy and Petroleum sector, whilst KPMG have functioned as the auditors of the International Commercial Bank (Sierra Leone) Limited in Freetown. Development Research Associates (EDRA) is an organizational development consultancy firm that have been operational in the country since 1993. Fourah Bay College and other academic institutions also undertake research in defined areas and offer consultancy services. CORD-Sierra Leone is a local NGO operational in a partnering capacity with areas affected by the war, and assist with the redevelopment of these areas. They offer consultancy services in conflict resolution as fund raising exercises to finance operational costs. The Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute (SLARI) also supports the agricultural sector through research and consultancy services.

Research and Consultancy organisations in Sierra Leone
Abubakar Kebbay Consultants
Denza Consulting Ltd
Development Research Associates (EDRA)
Fourah Bay College
International Commercial Bank (Sierra Leone) Ltd
Njala University Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute (SLARI)