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Sierra Leone is largely dependent on roads for the transportation of both goods and passengers. The country has about 1,500 km of paved roads and an extensive network of about 10,000 km that are unpaved, most of which need attention. The Ministry of Transport and Aviation is responsible for providing safe, reliable and affordable transport and aviation and sees it as an essential goal to assist economic recovery and alleviate poverty. The primary harbour in the country is the Queen Elizabeth II Quay in Freetown. There are smaller ports at Pepel, Bonthe, Niti and Sulima and an international airport at Lungi though there are a couple of smaller airports, primarily used for inland transportation.

Transport Infrastructure organisations in Sierra Leone
Astraeus Airlines Ltd
Bellview Airlines
Bollore Africa Logistics
DAS Air Cargo Airlines
Diamond Airlines Hovercraft Services
Gambia International Airlines
Ghana Airways
Guinea Paramount Airlines
KTI Travel & Tours
Lungi Airport
Maersk Line (SL) Ltd
Ministry of Transport and Aviation, The
Paramount Airlines
Sea and Land Services
Sierra Leone Airport Authority
Sierra Leone National Shipping Company
Sierra Leone Ports Authority
Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation
Sierra Leone Roads Authority
Sierra Leone Shipping Agencies
Sierra National Airlines
SN Brussels
West African Airways
West Coast Airways
WESUA Airline