Regional & Local Government

Sierra Leone is divided into three provinces, the Eastern, Northern and Southern Province, and a fourth division officially known as the Western Area. The country is further divided into administrative districts namely Bo, Bombali, Bonthe, Kailahun, Kambia, Kenema, Koinadugu, Kono, Moyamba, Port Loko, Pujehun, and Tonkolil. The Western Rural and Western Urban districts and Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, form part of the Western area. Since 2004 the government has made concerted efforts to decentralise governance with the goal of re-establishing local government administration at a district level and building local level capacity to manage the decentralised system. Local government in Sierra Leone revolves around a system of 19 councils, including five City Councils, one Municipal Council and 13 District Councils, one in each of the 12 provincial districts and the Western Area Rural District.

Regional & Local Government organisations in Sierra Leone
Bank of Sierra Leone
Bo Town Council
Freetown City
Kailahun District
Kambia District
Kenema City Council
Koidu New Sebehun City Council