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Agriculture, together with forestry and fisheries, accounts for 28.3% of the Solomon Islands’ GDP (2010) and 3% of land is dedicated to agricultural use. The country’s agriculture exports amount to approximately $45 million, representing over 20% of total exports (2011). Among the country’s agricultural produce are cocoa beans, coconuts, palm kernels, rice, potatoes, vegetables, cattle, pork and fruit. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates there to be over 360,000 people involved in the country’s agricultural sector. Subsistence farming is common; most families keep a pig and grow bananas for home consumption. The country’s principal agricultural export products are copra (coconut by-product), palm oil, cocoa and fish and the main export partners are China, South Korea, Thailand and Japan. The government body responsible for the agricultural policy and the development of the country’s agricultural sector is the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Agriculture organisations in Solomon Islands
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock